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To the brim

September 12, 2009

I love accessories. I love how they can change any outfit by making it more quirky or edgy.

Hats are definitely the coolest.

There are so many different kinds its insane in the membrane.

There are some that I will never wrap my head around… those miniature Alice in Wonderland hats for instance. Or the kind of hats people wear to the races, fully equip with giant flowers and feathers. Or those giant Russian fur hats that look like a skunk/raccoon/skacoon has eaten your head.

PETA ain’t impressed.


But! There are some great hats like fedoras, berets, school boy caps, and pretty much any hat that that guy who sings in that band with that annoying bassist wears. Hats are great, of course they don’t suit everybody. Jess says they make her look like she’s about to solve a mystery – I love it, and yes, it’s true.

Hats can also help when you have to get up really early to get into Uni/work on time, and you realize that you need to wash your hair but you’re running late.

I bought this hat on Ebay. It’s a little bit too big for me, so it doesn’t fare well in windy weather. 6/10 days in Auckland chances are the forecast will be wind with a little bit of wind on the side, so I have to hold my hat so it doesn’t go all Mary Poppins on me.

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  1. stylofoam permalink*
    September 20, 2009 3:48 pm

    I actually love those Russian hats, I want one in white. Then my life would almost be complete.


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