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Elena Kalis

November 9, 2009


One of my all time favourite photographers, Elena Kalis takes photos that are surreal, fanciful and heart-wrenchingly beautiful. In them I see the influence of two of my favourite artists, Degas, in the beautiful lighting and the costumes which hark back to his ballerina works, and Georgia O’Keefe, in the delicacy of the subjects, strong shapes and sense of modernity. When I see these photos I wish I were talented enough to have taken them, alas, I am not, so I must enjoy them vicariously. I have found some articles of clothing that I feel represent some of the whimsy and strong shapes Kalis’ photos contain.

1. Lippy dress – – $199.90 NZ

2. Satin corsage evening bag – – $34.99 AUD

3. Lipsy pleated corset chiffon dress – – $149.00 NZ

4.  Dotti dress – – $80.00 NZ

5. Sparkle bud earrings – – $80.00 NZ

6. Max lace detail top – – $89.00 NZ

7. Excelsior ring – – $169.00 NZ

8. Kagi pearl high society necklace – – $225.00 NZ

9. Pulp knock-on-wood platforms – – $99.95 NZ

10. TV slashed blue jeans – – $310.00 NZ


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