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Ossie Clark Inspired Endeavour

December 2, 2009

Ossie Clark has been one of my favourite designers for quite a while. When Emma Watson wore one of his 1970s designs recently I felt inspired to make a little homage for myself to wear.

There are some key elements in Clark’s designs, such as the plunging neckline, accented waist, pattern and the beautiful flowing fabric.

Out of the first image above I particularly like the half-length sleeves that end where the waist is cinched in, I think this further enhances the waist area and makes the dress look less revealing despite the plunging neckline.

In the second image I like the shorter, flirtier length as I find it more wearable on a day-to-day basis.

In the third image I am particularly enamoured with the shade (lilac is a personal favourite at the moment) and the rippling hem line that swoops behind the model as she walks.

So I’ve decided to take these elements and merge them into one dress. I was sorely disappointed when fabric shopping as I could not find the perfect patterned lilac fabric. Then I saw the wool aisle. I found a delicious (and eco-friendly) bamboo wool in a soft and beautiful shade of purple:

And I decided I would achieve a patterned effect by crocheting the dress.

So I will begin tomorrow on my grand endeavour to make a dress that has:

  • Half-length sleeves
  • A cinched and accented empire waistline
  • A plunging neckline
  • A knee-skimming length
  • A beautiful shade of lilac
  • And a scalloped hem to give a softly rippling effect
  • Patterned effect achieved by crocheting

I will post when I have finished making it!

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